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Offering client-oriented legal services has many benefits, starting with the pricing and fees that customers can afford. When it comes to law firm billing, you’ve got more room now than ever to try out new things and test out different models before settling on anything in particular, and lots of new lawyers are discovering great success with alternative billing models. If you’re interested in client-friendly legal services, and a more client-centric approach to billing, consider a new type of bill-charging system that’s starting to take hold across the country. Attorneys in Smithfield NC has a great billing method.

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As the cost of doing business rises, attorneys have traditionally been forced to either charge hourly rates that keeping clients on their toes and away from their law offices or charge the high fees that come with a big-ass office and a whole set of assistants. Either way, the high prices deter many potential clients from engaging their services. Law offices, concerned about running out of cash, then tack on huge surcharges for things like copy-writing, scheduling, and even administrative support. Many attorneys don’t have a lot of extra money, so they opt for retainer, which means paying a flat monthly fee for a professional to do things for them when they’re not there. But what if an attorney could cut his costs by charging only the hours that he works?

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The result: hourly rates that suit the majority of law clients and one-stop billing for everything that the attorney does. New technology has made this possible, but to some degree, it’s still a product of the law offices continuing to seek efficiency and minimize their overhead. If your firm likes the flat billing model and you’ve tried it in the past, you may want to think again. According to experts in the field, the current billing model for solo attorneys is outdated and doesn’t reflect the real world. Lawyers who use hourly rates are able to get a better sense of how much they’re spending for each client and more control over their own pricing. With the current changes coming this summer, you might want to look into the new model to see if your practice is ready for a switch.