Professional, courteous, reliable & reasonable Mobile Notary Public

Before Your Notarization


  1. Do not sign document until you are in the presence of the notary. Acknowledgment Certificate is okay to have been signed years ago.
  2. Completely fill in all blank spaces in document before notary arrives – but do not sign! Cannot notarize incomplete documents!
  3. If you have questions about how to complete the document, contact the person who drafted or requested the document. A Notary Public is unable to provide legal advice or assistance in the drafting and/or completion of documents.
  4. Every signer must physically appear, be coherent and present acceptable ID at the time of the notarization.
  5. Original documents must be presented for all Copy Certification.
    Vital records (birth, death and marriage) cannot be notarized. Click here for a full list of documents that cannot be notarized.
  6. Know which Notary Certificate you need. A notary cannot give advice on which one to use.  Click here for more information on this subject.